The JW Ultra, as well as being a fitting memorial to John Ward, is a journey through a beautiful part of the world, and these photos show you the race passing through the countryside, and some of the runners, and some of the supporters, enjoying it all . .

The highlight for me was here at Edstone Aqueduct . . a fascinating structure that is built in such a way that when you're crossing it on foot, the water is at eye level . . and it gives you an usual perspective on things . .

and whilst we were there we were fortunate to have a narrow boat sail across . . piloted by a sailor with vertigo . . and much to my relief, at such a slow speed that there was no bow wave to splash me . .



at this point we were about 2 miles from the finish, and over the 8 preceding miles the runners had got spread out, so that some were running on their own, whilst others were in small clusters of 2, 3 or 4 . .

plenty of other things to enjoy in between the runners . .

when Dick arrived on his bike it meant that all the runners had gone through and crossed the aqueduct . . and it was time for us to get across to Kingswood Pound to get some photos of Stage 2 . .

here at Kingswood Pound, there's much more to see, because this is where the Stratford Canal connects with the Grand Union, and narrow boats are chugging along in every direction. The topography here means that there is a series of locks, and the boats, and the runners, have to climb to get back up onto the level . . so much for canal runs being flat . .

despite doing our best to follow Google's instructions from the aqueduct we arrived at Kingswood a little too late to see the first half dozen runners or so . . and in between the runners, there was once again plenty to see . .


but after 40 minutes or so at Kingswood, we had to leave again, to be at the finish before as many runners as possible. In the event, only the winning relay runners beat us. The finish location is nowhere near as picturesque as the previous two places, but it's still possible to take some good photos, thanks to the combination of blue sky, water, narrow boats and lycra!

as more and more runners finished the gruelling 30 mile event, the area around the finish line filled up with runners, all of them tired, most of them happy, many of them relieved . .

as I said . . all of them tired . .

the buttons below will take you to the the photos from the different locations I've described above . .