we had a reasonable day for this year's Andy Reading Memorial 10k, there was some strange weather, with a storm shortly before the race, and again soon afterwards, but for the duration of the event itself, for almost all the runners, it was dry, perhaps a little windy, not particularly cold for December, and even at times, bright and sunny . .

below: beware wobbly cyclists!!

this page is the event intro . . before the start has some photos from before the race . .

watching the start is exactly what it says . .

the runners takes you to links to 20 pages of the photos I took during the race . .

and after the race has some photos of the presentation . .

below: don't some people do some odd things for fun!!

Andy Reading . .

Andy was a very prominent figure within Oxfordshire athletics for many years and ran for the local club.  Andy was 
one of the driving forces behind the formation of the very successful Oxford Mail Cross Country League and was 
League Co-ordinator up until his passing from cancer in 1997. He was a good athlete, and one of his club
mates describes Andy as "the nicest bloke you could ever meet".

He was also Headmaster of Chesterton Primary School, in the village where the race starts. Besides giving to cancer charities the race has also made significant donations to the school.