By the time I'd got over to Bedford there was already loads of runners ready and waiting for the 5k to start . . as always, some warming up, some stretching, and some meeting up with friends and club mates and catching up with the news . .


the Late Entry Desk was busy . . and therefore, of course, so was the Late Entry/Results Pixie . .

it wasn't easy to resist all this lovely food, waiting to refresh the runners after their race, but I managed . .

and the refreshment team were busy filling the cups with purple and orange drink . .

it wasn't long before it was time to make our way towards the start . .


and once the cyclists were all in place and almost everyone was behind the start line, the 2011 Doug Anderson 5k was under way . .

unfortunately Sacha had been held up on her way to the Park . .

and the start/finish team wasted no time in dismantling the start and transporting the timing equipment to the finish . .